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Europe 2000

My first trip through Europe was in 2000 just after my first year of Uni.
+01/09/2000Summer fun and sailing
London, UK
Not sure that this even close to the date that we actually left but it should be in the vicinity. Anyway we all borded the bus and headed for Dover to crossover to France on the fairy.
Paris, Fance
We arrived in France and stocked up on alcohol before heading to Paris. Saw the Eiffel tower, ate snails and frogs legs and visited the catacombs which were the most interesting bit.
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
I liked Switzerland, everything seemed nice and tidy somehow. The mountains were incredibly picturesque, much like you see on TV. Bought a swiss army knife while there for probably way too much but at least it's genuine.
Florence, Italy
Florence was full of artisans and with all the bridges that cross the river quite nice.
Corfu, Greece
This was definitely the highlight of the tour. Four days sailing around the greek islands in the Ionian Sea and getting wasted on cheap alcohol.
+13/09/2000Visiting the Pope
Rome, Italy
There were some really cool things to see in Rome. A lot of ruins with the Colosseum being the most spectacular. We also visited this little cathedral where everything was made out of bones. And of course a visit to the Vatican was on the cards.
Venice, Italy
I liked Venice. You a lot about how touristy and dirty it is - and it is - but it is still a unique place to visit. I've heard the cathedral desribed as old and crumbling but personally it was the most impressive I've seen.
+17/09/2000Party time
Tyrol, Austria
I don't remember a great deal about Austria. This was where our group photo was taken and well there was a lot of drinking in a place with such a low roof that I was hunched over all night.
+19/09/2000Rhine Valley
Heidelberg, Germany
We didn't see a great deal of Germany but a lot of what I saw was pretty industrialised. The area round the rhine was pretty cool, full of castles.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
This was the part of the tour that I think Brett had been waiting for and we smoked what was on offer like you'd expect. The hostel was utter crap, full of rats that loved the cheese we'd bought the day before. We also went and saw a sex show which was pretty entertaining.
+22/09/2000Back to England
London, UK
And then it was back to the UK where Brett had some trouble getting through customs. He reckoned that it was because he'd been to Amsterdam too many times.
+25/08/2000Off to the Formula 1
London, UK
Left from London on a bus via Dover to Belgium.
Brussels, Belgium
I liked Brussels a lot. Went there with some of the others on the tour and had seafood amongst the bustle on a small side street full of restaurants.
+27/08/20002000 Belgium Grand Prix
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
This was an awesome experience. I love Formula 1 and the sound of the cars in real life is incredible. Being able to work around the circuit afterwards was brilliant and the track was littered was balled up rubber from the tires.
+27/08/2000Back to England
London, UK
After an incredible experince it was straight back on the bus to London!