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Two weeks with Intrepid through Myanmar
Rio to Lima
Overland trip from Rio to La Paz then my own way to Lima
Trip up Australias East Coast to the Great Barrier Reef in Carins
Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctic Islands
Trek America
The "Westerner 3" tour with Trek America
North America
Six weeks from Boston on the East to LA on the West Coast by Amtrak and VIA
Week through Jordan with GAdventures
Overloading with Dragoman from Kathmandu in Nepal to Mumbai in India then making my down south through Goa and Kerala
Everest Base Camp
Hike up to Everest Base Camp
Cuba & Belize
Two week Intrepid tour through Cuba then what was left of the month in Belize
Rota Vicentina
Break between contracts so hiking some of the Rota Vicentina in Portugal
Small tour around Morocco with Intrepid Travel for two weeks
Road trip through Scandinavia with Jani who decided to drive from London to Finland via Iceland
Five weeks around the uniqueness that is Japan.
Mt Kilimanjaro
I'd left ten days after the Gorillas trip to climb Mt Kilimanjaro
Africa 2013
Given the prices to fly back to NZ I decided to go to Africa instead and trek the Gorillas which I missed out on last time.
A long weekend exploring the sights of Istanbul
After the Trans Mongolian I did a one week Shamrockers tour aroud Ireland.
Tans Mongolian
Moving back to the UK from NZ I decided to take the Trans Mongolian from Beijing to St Petersberg then travel by bus, ferry and train to get to London.
A few weeks travelling through Porto and Spain with my parents before heading up to France with my Sister.
Quick holiday in Greece to check out Santorini and Athens.
Europe 2010
A six week loop around Central Europe on Bus About inclusing a week of sailing in Croatia.
South East Asia
Three months around South East Asia in 2010, starting in Singapore and making my way to Vietnam then the Philippines and finally Hong Kong
People love Scotland but after the majestic scenes of Africa for me it was too similar to home.
In 2009 I did a three month overland tour from South Africa up to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Easily my favourite trip.
A whirlwind trip through Egypt with On the Go with the highlights being the Pyramids and sailing down the Nile on a Feluca.
South & Central America
In 2006 before moving to the UK I spent 5 months travelling through South & Central America, three with my sister, including a month in Ecuador on a Jatun Sacha reserve planting trees.
Europe 2000
My first trip through Europe was in 2000 just after my first year of Uni.
Other Places
I've mainly lived and worked in NZ and the UK but have had excursions to Utrecht, Madrid and Melbourne and plenty of shorter trips.