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A whirlwind trip through Egypt with On the Go with the highlights being the Pyramids and sailing down the Nile on a Feluca.
+06/09/2008Leaving London
London, UK
The joy of Heathrow as I caught a BMI flight to Cairo.
+06/09/2008Arrive in Cairo
Cairo, Egypt
Arrived in Cairo and was met just of the plain by the On The Go guys who organised getting my visa then whisked us off to our Hotel. Dinner on a cruise boat on the Nile where I got to meet the rest of the tour.
+07/09/2008The Pyramids of Giza
Giza, Egypt
Saw the Pyramids and the Sphynx in the morning which are pretty incredible. Went into the center of the Pyramid of Chephren and went on what must be one of the shortest camel rides ever; not that you want really want to stay on them too long. Visited Saqqara after the Pyramids of Giza which are lot older and not quite so impressive but different because they have stepped slopes. Spent the rest of the afternoon cooling off in a pretty average pool, smoked a Sheesha with Simon and Justin then had the overnight train to Aswan.
+08/09/2008Aswan & Philae Temple
Aswan, Egypt
After a not so memorable train journey arrived in Aswan and went to a Hotel that was far better than what I was expecting. After settling in went on a trip out to see the Philae temple which is pretty impressive. Apparently when they made the dam and flooded the area the entire temple had to be moved block by block onto the island where it now resides. It's a good thing they made the effort as it's a worthwhile site. On the way back stopped by the dam itself which is certainly massive but somehow not such an impressive site. Certainly not the kind of architecture that I went to Egypt to see!
+09/09/2008Felucca Sailing, Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel, Egypt
The morning involved a quick flight to visit the amazing Abu Simbel. Well worth the cost if you ever get the chance. After getting back we set out on Feluccas down the Nile, this was probably the high light of the trip even though I was suffering an upset stomach like half the group. Still sailing down the Nile in a Feluca was a great experience. Spent the evening visiting a local family and playing games with the kids till quite late before heading back to the Feluccas to get some sleep. The next day was just spent drifting down Nile till we stopped for dinner. Overnight the Feluccas kept heading down river until we arrived at Kom Ombo.
+11/09/2008Kom Ombo Temple & Luxor
Kom Ombo, Egypt
Woke up to find the Feluccas parked up at some new point on the Nile. In the morning visited the Temple of Horus at Efu before heading up to Luxor and visting the Temple of Luxor in the night.
+12/09/2008Valley of the Kings
Luxor City, Egypt
Early start in the morning to take a Hot Air Balloon ride over Luxor. After this it was off to the Valley the Kings and Queens as well as the incredible Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This is one place I've seen on TV a lot but known nothing about and it was great to actually be there. After that is was off to the massive Temple of Karnak before retreating back to swimming pool at Hotel fro the rest of evening.
+13/09/2008Last day in Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
After the over night train back to Cairo spent the day visiting the markets and the Egyptian Museum before going back to the Pyramids in the evening for the light show.
+14/09/2008Back to London
London, UK
The final day was spent relaxing in the pool before getting a flight back home to London.